Keith Greeniger

NGAC Conference Shaping Up as Timely, and Most Purposeful in Years

Like the citizen-soldiers of old, veterans who are now song-writers, movie producers, nationally renowned Transcendental Meditation Therapists, and warrior Chaplains are mustering at the annual National Guard Association of California (NGAC) conference December 6-7, 2019 to advance the future of a new generation of warriors.

Keith Greeniger
To sing as NGAC conference, Dec. 6-7, 2019

And singer Keith Greeninger, Screen Writer-Storyteller Original Films Richard Jellerson, Brian Rees, and Wesley Clare all have one thing in common: they have either experienced the intense combat, or are closely associated with someone who has suffered through the violence of war and their trials of readjusting to civilian life.

In Greeninger’s case, his songwriter Terry Gerhardt, a two-time purple heart recipient, wrote the poem “22 Angels,” identifying with the post-traumatic stress trauma that the 22 veterans who commit suicide daily are struggling. Together, Greeninger and Gerhardt have transformed this into a song, that they will be singing at the NGAC annual conference Dec. 6th.  The duo are hosting “A Special Free Show for Veterans” November 10, 2019 (4 – 6 pm…Doors Open 3pm) 998 Plaza Drive, Grass Valley, CA (Brunswick at Hwy 49).

Jellerson, a Vietnam veteran Vietnam Helicopter pilot, is a documentary filmmaker. He has just released his new book – “The Healing, Pan American Flight 001”, recounting his two Vietnam tours, his loss of touch to humanity, his revelations of the psychological and emotional wounds he didn’t realize he had, and his journey home. Jellerson will show, “A Solemn Promise, America’s Missing in Action,” documenting America’s reverence for the missing in action of all wars, and the commitment, dedication, and care of recovering all MIAs remains and identities. He will also brief attendees on the newest documentary, the History of the National Guard.

Dr. (COL, Retired) Brian Rees is a veteran of five tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. He spent eight years in hospital commands. He has researched and written extensively on soldier resilience and resolution of PTSD. He has published two studies about the effects of Transcendental Meditation (TM), and will speak on the successes of TM at the Conference on Dec. 7.

Chaplain (COL) Wesley Clare is the state California National Guard Chaplain. He served as an electronic warfare officer onboard a B-52 during the Persian Gulf War; than as a Chaplain, at Camp Anaconda, during Iraqi Freedom. He brings a unique perspective of how outside stresses can come to bear on suicidal ideation, a share with us his Strong Bonds Program that has garnered national recognition for its healing of military families. He will share the Strong Bonds Program with us and how the family therapy program increases Soldier and Family Readiness through relationship education and skills. An established program the NGAC is exploring to support through donations, and perhaps expand through the generosity of its base membership.

Another bond our distinguished speakers and entertainers have in common: The soldiers, airmen, and veterans of all military branches, and their vow to leave none behind. Come join their movement by registering for the NGAC Conference at More about our distinguished guests, and the Nov. 10th Concert in Grass Valley can be found on the NGAC Facebook at