2019 NGAC Conference: Old Cal Guard Mentors New Cal Guard Generation

Click to Download Flyer: NGAC 2019 Conference Flyer V3 (3) 

Vintage photo of Vietnam vets. Vietnam Vet turned filmmaker Richard Jellerson  (Left) will be showing Story Teller Original Filmsdocumentary, “A Solemn Promise” at the NGAC Conference Dec. 6-7. He will also be on hand to brief his film company’s upcoming documentary on the History of the National Guard. COL (Retired) Bill Fortier is pictured with his friend Lenny Duram during their shared tour in Southeast Asia. Bill has sparked a grassroots movement within the Cal Guard, the NGAC, and California’s Veteran Associations to attack the Military suicide epidemic head-on, to include alternative therapies unavailable through the Veterans Administration. It’s quickly evolving into a campaign to drop the “D” from PTSD, and to replace the acronym with PtS–Peace through Strength–which is what every current serving California National Guardsman, Reservist, Active Duty, and Veteran is–an instrument of peace that must be preserved through all outreach possible. Join the grassroots movement, register for the NGAC Conference at Camp San Luis Obispo, Dec. 6-7 at ngac.org and contribute to this ambitious campaign. (Photos Courtesy of Bill Fortier)


The National Guard Association of California annual conference is shaping up as the most purposeful conference in recent years. In conjunction with the California National Guard, we will be addressing critical issues of our time, to take the lead among all state National Guard Associations on soldier and airmen issues.

Central to our conference is the Company Grade Officers social hour on Friday evening Dec. 6 at the Maj. Gen. Willard A. Shank building on Camp San Luis Obispo. The emerging officers have lined up outstanding entertainment for Friday Night (See Flyer), and provided input into subjects for Saturday’s Conference. They will be pitching the 142nd National Guard Association of the United States (NGAUS) Conference in Boston, Mass.

Many outstanding CA ARNG Facebook members recently expressed disappointment at the NGAC’s poor attendance at the 141st National Guard of the United States. Many have theories as to why, but all have experience, and mentorship, to offer this new generation of California National Guard officer to restore the legacy you established. As the NGAC president, the Executive Council and I are listing; now we humbly ask for your presence at this conference to brainstorm for the future of the California National Guard and California veterans–and amplify our voice at the142nd NGAUS Conference in Boston, Mass. Register at the NGAC website today.

And as Veterans Day approaches, thank you for your service.

Stanley F. Zezotarski, COL (Retired), President, NGAC