Chapter 7: Truth & Consequences of the ’05 Cal Guard Spy Scandal

In Chapter seven, I present a case that the Dynasty retaliated against those opposed to them under their banner, “Mandate from the Governor.” I present my arguments of how:

  • Aggressive news reporting exposed the Dynasty’s Governor mandate as a façade for sexual assaults, harassment, toxic command, retaliation; and
  • Implementation of it and California Senate Bill 807–revising conditions for state active duty for service members–was the edict for extrajudicial punishment.  

 Before proceeding, I want to note that I, and those the Dynasty perceive as my sources, have become the agenda of smoke-filled meetings. I have too much experience with the Dynasty to doubt these reports are true. I expect that the manipulations perceived and reported in this blog series will be matched, if not admirably exceeded, by a flood of direct and indirect assaults on the  credibility, motive and editorial perspective of this blog.   Whatever the  response, it is likely to be ingenious in its manipulation of institutional  procedure, networks, fears and agendas.  This should make for an interesting series epilogue after I conclude this series.  Stay tuned.” 



Escaping Investigation. NBC Bay Area New’s Tony Kovalaski (left) and his Investigative Team (I-Team) stunned Maj. Gen. David S. Baldwin, the California National Guard’s adjutant general, by holding him accountable to the facts of toxic command, sexual assault, and retaliation within the California National Guard. Baldwin arguably retained influence with lawmakers and higher military headquarters to retaliate against those Kovalaski focused his stories while using statistics to create an illusion of addressing the national military issues Kovalaski’s team were pursuing.
Escaping Accountability? NBC Bay Area New’s Tony Kovalaski (left) and his Investigative Team (I-Team) stunned Maj. Gen. David S. Baldwin, the California National Guard’s adjutant general, by holding him accountable to the facts of toxic command, sexual assault, and retaliation within the California National Guard. Baldwin arguably retained influence with lawmakers and higher military headquarters to retaliate against those Kovalaski focused his stories on while using statistics to create an illusion of addressing the national military issues Kovalaski’s team were pursuing. (FLICKR Images)


Lies, damned lies, and statistics

Maj. Gen. David S. Baldwin arguably fulfilled Brig. Gen. Charlotte Miller’s apocalyptic prophecies to “do anything to anyone who gets in his way” when he ostensibly unleashed the demonic forces of his Lords of Discipline upon those who challenged his Senate Confirmation.

He disputably  staged his assassins and protected his mafia lieutenants. Rather by coincidence or design, a SAD colonel, familiar with the Dynasty’s “Ponzi Rating Scheme” was reassigned from State Headquarters to the 129th Rescue Wing (RQW) where he found his way into the rating chain of at least one  of those who publically challenged the command.

Purportedly upon the advice of a prominent state senator,  Lt. Col. (CA)  Joseph Righello is promoted to COL (CA), reassigned from his investigator general post in Sacramento, and moved to Commander, Camp San  Luis Obispo reportedly to elude the State Capitol’s political  limelight, and evade NBC Bay Area New’s Tony Kovaleski’s and his Investigative Team’s (I-Team) spotlight.  Credible sources tell me that complainants mentioned Righello frequently in conversations with the I-Team.

From  all appearances, the I-Team seemed to have Baldwin enveloped on  a media battle ground on which he was uncomfortable, and news terrain for which Dynasty’s information ops machine had not prepared him. Baldwin’s military bearing, as it appears in the Kovaleski’s Feb 22, 2013 interview, crumbles when Kovaleski peppers the general with questions of a “toxic command climate” and sexual assaults in the  military.

Kovaleski had done his homework. The United States Senate was brining sexual assaults in the military  to the  forefront in 2013, convening hearings to inquire why sexual assault and sexual harassment complaints had increased so dramatically from 2011 to 2012. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) had said that there is a cause and effect relationship between sexual assaults and toxic commands. And U.S. Army War College studies had defined toxic leadership as “a combination of self-centered attitudes, motivations, and behaviors that have adverse effects on subordinates, the organization, and mission performance.”

The I-team localized these national stories through interviews  of more than two dozen officers and enlisted, corroborating their claims of the Dynasty command’s deception, intimidation, coercion, and inequitable disbursements of justice. Testimonies arguably  validating Miller’s assessment of Baldwin’s overly aggressive tendency to do “anything to anyone who gets in his way.”

Kovaleski challenges Baldwin with his own investigations, the  Chief Warrant Officer Ronald Petty report, that found “sexual harassment and hostile work environment are commonplace in the California National Guard.” A report that stated “racial tension has been high since 2008.”

Arguably baffled by Kovaleski’s refusal to swallow spoon-fed information, Baldwin resorts to a last line of defense–statistics–figures that prominent U.S. Government statistician Carroll D. Wright said “don’t lie.” But when Baldwin dismisses the Petty report as incomplete, and substitutes it with a Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute’s (DEOMI) report as fact that his command has the most positive climate in the entire Department of Defense, it triggers the investigator reporter’s  innate lie detector, and elicits his instinctive skepticism that “liars can figure.”

Kovaleski questions both the clarity and substance of the survey. Perhaps  with good  reason. I was forced to participate in that DEOMI’s online survey in July 2012. I could feel those “mad (political) scientists” from my academic past, Dr. Lauren McKinsey and Dr. Lawrence Pettit, obsessing over the sanctity of the research instrument and methodology the command was using to conduct the survey.

The Command had their directors keep tallies of all in their section who completed  the  survey, and report these totals at weekly Headquarters Update Briefs (HUBS). In my own  informal  survey, I compared  notes with my  peers, with most revealing that they answered survey questions as they thought the command wanted them to respond, not how they really felt, fearing the command could piece together enough survey data to determine who said what.

A professional, but  persistent, Kovaleski pressures Baldwin to account for allegations  of command  transgressions. Pressure, Baldwin obviously can not handle, as he melts  down and verbally attacks Kovaleski’s journalistic professionalism and principles: revealing a vindictiveness Miller alluded to; and exposing the Dynasty’s powerlessness when confronted with an investigative reporter armed with an arsenal of facts.

But as perhaps predicted by Miller, Baldwin arguably was not going to let facts get in his way of retaliation. According to published reports, he breaks all implied promises to the Senate Rules Committee.  His Lords of Discipline banish that female Army aviator  who testified against Baldwin to an armory  on the Cal Guard frontier.   She had implicated one of the Dynasty’s own of festering a Hostile work environment during  Senate Confirmation hearings.  She remained hidden from the media until pressured to retire, while her alleged bully faces no accountability. A female Air Guard captain whose career the Dynasty reportedly held hostage under Righello, but since the voice and activist for those the Dynasty allegedly  oppressed, is quietly fired.


 …my leadership obviously wants me to die”–Master Sgt. Jessica Brown


Toxic Command. Dr. Dave Matsuda, Anthropologist and Cultural Advisor to the U.S. military, has linked suicide to toxic commands.
Toxic Command. Dr. Dave Matsuda, Anthropologist and Cultural Advisor to the U.S. military, has linked suicide to toxic commands. (Google Images)

And the  Dynasty allegedly pounds Master Sgt. Jessica Brown with its “Ponzi Rating Scheme” system  to the point of her attempted suicide, leaving a suicide note, according to news reports, naming that SAD colonel reassigned from state headquarters to her unit. The Dynasty’s Lords of Discipline apparently pursue her directly into intensive  care, hiring a private courier/process server to  dodge hospital security and serve her termination orders.

Her leadership justifies their behavior as “an appropriate decision given MSgt. Brown’s uncooperative behavior.” Having linked suicide to toxic commands, Dr. Dave Matsuda, an Anthropologist and Cultural Advisor to the U.S. military, might argue  the  command decision was inappropriate. As well as arguably Gov. Jerry Brown who signed legislation in August 2014, removing the Dynasty’s authority to investigate sexual assaults, transferring it to civilian law enforcement for independent investigation as a result of Kovaleski’s and his I-Team’s stories.

But the Baldwin command does address sexual assaults–arguably with statistics. In  one case, Baldwin’s command overturns a general officer’s decision clearing a colonel  outside the Dynasty’s inner circle of borderline fraternization. The command reverses the decision, administers a general officer memorandum reprimand (GOMAR) , forces  his retirement from his federal military slot, downgrades his  SAD rank, and allegedly rolls him up into the  statistical database demonstrating the Dynasty’s progress in addressing sexual assaults. A statistic perhaps  included as part  of a packet the Command submits to the National Guard Bureau (NGB) for the “first annual” Sexual Assault Prevention Innovation Award.

But most are skeptical, believing the Dynasty’s strong lobby convinced NGB to create the award for a self-serving command to allegedly deceive California  law makers once again. Most believe the I-Team reports are factual. Facts with which the  I-Team riddled the Dynasty Legend, apparently forcing Baldwin  to retreat behind the  walls of state  headquarters, and arguably pushing his Lords of  Discipline to work overtime  repairing the Dynasty’s legacy with, to quote Mark Twain, “Lies, damned lies, and statistics.”

Code Red  

And the Dynasty, in essence, admitted to many of those being relieved under the Governor’s mandate that they were statistics, or to use their words, “collateral  damage.”

That’s what Dynasty directors  told many of those during “Town  Meetings” and Staff calls promulgating California Senate Bill 807, revising conditions for state active duty for service members. The Dynasty could  not explain to more than a hundred of incredulous Guard personnel, especially those at the bottom of the food chain so to speak, that they were part of a good old boy network responsible for fraud and corruption.  The Dynasty acknowledged that the majority of these people had done nothing wrong, that their  separation was not personal, and requested they understand they are “collateral damage.”

But SB 807 was debatably a Dynasty statistical hoax. The Dynasty, in my  observations, conceived SAD reform to  deceive Sen. Joe Dunn in the aftermath of the ’05 spy scandal, used it as a political crowbar to dislodge adjutant generals, and advertised it as cleaning up a “good old boy” network of past adjutant generals.

On the other  side of legend rests facts, or as a celebrated Radio Commentator,  the late Paul Harvey might say, “the rest of the story.” The Dynasty reportedly resented Maj. Gen. Paul Monroe’s early decisions to repair a faltering mentoring program by encouraging experienced, retired active duty officers, to compete for SAD jobs and mentor a younger, talented generation of officers. These younger officers, in my estimation, saw Monroe robbing them of their entitlement to advance up the SAD career ladder and stealing their divine inheritance to the adjutant general throne.

But the fathers of the SAD system arguably never intended it as a career path. At least that’s what I learned in 1989 when I  was temporarily attached to then State Personnel Director Chief Warrant Officer-5 Robert Borman. I was detailed to this duty because of my background in personnel management.  I once was director, Intergovernmental Personnel Act, Montana League of Cities and Towns. I advised, consulted and trained personnel managers in 127 cities and towns on classifying positions, benchmarking salaries, and writing  performance appraisal standards.

That old war horse Borman squeezed out every ounce of my  experience and training he could in a review of both SAD policy and validation of SAD positions. He was a miser with state dollars, demanding strict cost-benefit analysis to justify each  post, and a pinchpenny with directors requests to create new SAD jobs. In a nutshell, if a SAD position was not necessary for the state mission, it wasn’t approved. The duties  and responsibilities of each  SAD position was meticulously benchmarked against military pay  ranks to determine salary, not an individual’s military rank.

The system was intended as a small cadre of full-time personnel with the experience needed to get military personnel and assets out the door, monitor it, and recover it after civilian emergencies. It wasn’t preconceived as organized units with stepping stone rank progression, as the  Dynasty envisioned it. That structure already exists with the 95% federally funded military National Guard structure that this cadre surges in support of civilian emergencies.

The remnants of that Monroe military transformation team, the Dynasty’s nemesis,  had rediscovered this discipline as  they  learned more about military transformation and modernization. They were finding that in the post 9-11/Katrina world, that the state headquarters needed two command staffs. A fulltime staff always in place for the adjutant general to use for state emergencies; and a temporary command staff it can surge, deploy, and integrate with other National Guards for multi-state emergencies in support of multi-state civilian task forces.


In Fiscal Year 2014, Defense Department reports show military leaders failing at its mission of “zero tolerance.” The report showed that 75 percent of the men and women in uniform who have been sexually assaulted lack confidence in military justice…Has the Cal Guard’s Dynasty addressed the issue? Or have they systemized sexual assaults and harrassment?


Under this concept, there would be a “smidgen” of general officer positions (if any), a sprinkling of SAD Colonels and field grade officers, a half-gallon of NCO/Enlisted SAD posts (the workers to get military assets out the door, recovered, and maintained), and perhaps a quart of part-time SAD jobs at the subordinate command levels performing periodic guard drills, in addition to their military drills, interfacing with civilian county and local responders, but funded with SAD dollars. This concept would cost the state less, but facilitate more rapid response.

But SB 807 is arguably the Dynasty’s ruse to override this concept and restructure the SAD program with top-heavy senior officers and NCOs. Or, to use Miller’s words,  “reward SAD jobs to “unqualified allies loyal to Baldwin, and punish others who are  not part of his inner circle.”

Likewise, the Governor’s mandate is debatably a bogus edict. A written mandate doesn’t exist, at least no one as seen it. It’s arguably a sound bite based on a presumption that four successive commands were corrupt. A mandate without guidance, parameters, or reverence for generations–like Borman’s– of unselfish management of the SAD system maintained in spirit of legislative boundaries, and consciousness of the California taxpayer.

A mandate that is arguably the Dynasty’s instrument  for “extrajudicial” punishment,  institutionalization of toxic commands, systematization of sexual assaults/harassment, standardization of retaliation, and minimization of military justice.

And although the Dynasty will argue SB 921 provides for an  IG who operates independently to the command to advocate troop grievances, its disputable if it functions as its sponsor, Sen. Ted Lieu intended. Most complaints are routed through the TAG’s Judge Advocate General Office for legal decisions purportedly  with  input from that SJA, now special legal adviser to the TAG, who allegedly bungled legal advice of the filmmaker strong-arming and dozing for dollars reviews.

More likely, the Governor’s mandate  is an example of life imitating art. A real life ‘Code Red’ as depicted in the movie  “A Few Good Men.” An unofficial order that nearly claimed its own Private James Santiago,” and make possible the most massive retaliation in Cal Guard History–more than 200 people and counting, according to both news accounts and witness reports.

Historically, it’s been tradition for the Guard’s adjutant general to not only seek Senate confirmation, but,  in the words of retired Gen William Livsey, ratification in the hearts and minds” of their troops. That ratification will arguably never happen for Baldwin as long as even one soldier is denied justice, or intimated from seeking it fearing they will be tagged  “Code Red.”


In Chapter 8, I wrap-up my series with my editorial opinion of the Truth and Consequences of the Cal Guard ’05 Spy Scandal.











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