Dissecting the identity politics, theology, and history of maj. Gen. Laura yeager’s gender parity command

Progressives tout Maj. Gen. Laura Yeager’s Historic Command of the California National Guard’s (CNG) “Fighting Fortieth” Infantry Division as being on the right side of History. But what path is Yeager’s Historic command taking the Nation?

Yeager is the first American woman to command a combat infantry Division. She packs credentials competitive, and in many respects superior, to those of her male counterparts. She broke the glass ceiling for women in combat by commanding the 40th Combat Infantry Brigade during OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM.

She is the first woman to command United States Northern Command’s Joint Task Force North, a command instrumental in beefing up the Customs Border Protection (CBP) border security. She blazed a trail for gender identity soldiers, and women in the Iowa, Minnesota, and other state National Guards, now pouring into combat positions.

Before Yeager, however, St Joan of Arc  blazed historic paths for women in combat arms. She answered God’s call to the virtue of obedience, following St. Michael the Arch Angel’s instruction to lead French troops against the English and Burgundians at the siege of Orleans. Likewise, the virtue of honoring God above all other gods inspired America’s Declaration of Independence, lifting the hearts and souls of the Continental Army and the colonial militias to a miraculous victory.

Therein lies the rub. The Marxist critical race, gender, and class dogma lives loudly in Yeager’s command. Theories competing with the virtues of St. Joan of Arc and those espoused in our Declaration of Independence. A creed that redefines human sexuality, and necessitates compulsory conscription of women for combat service if gender parity is to truly arrive.

 The Obama Administration stealthily tucked Marxism into the 2012 National Security Strategy (NSS), cleverly disguising it as “universal values,” “inclusivity,” “civil society,” “community,” and “equality.’ Doctrine that flipped America foreign policy from advancing our National Interests and defending Nation’s aspiring to American virtues enshrined in our Declaration of Independence; to fighting endless wars, regime changes, and ideological colonization of underdeveloped and vulnerable Nations.  

Obama Military orthodoxy accelerated social engineering of American Military; and arguably corrupted some Obama generals and brass along the way. Former Secretary of State, Gen. (Retired) James Mattis, and current Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Mark Alexander Milley have apparently strayed from Constitutional ideals in favor of Obama military doctrine for endless wars and regime changes.

Mattis tacticly endorsed endless wars with his opposition to withdrawing from Syria. Obama Era policies that led to extended wars and enrichment of the military industrial complex. Milley hinted at military coup de tat when when he reevaluated the President’s order to withdraw troops from Afighanisan by Christmas.  

Yeager’s Gender parity division is a product of this Obamaism. Born within the womb of the Gubernatorial Commander-in-Chief narrative that’s inverted the Constitutional precepts that the President of the United States is the sole Commander-in-Chief of the Army, Navy, and milias of the several states, with each state surging its proportionate share of militias to support the collective defense of the Nation; into 54 Gubernatorial  commanders-in-chiefs with each governor entitled to his proportionate share of force structure to protect his political interests. It’s the Trojan Horse for recruiting Blue State National Guards in into Obama-cultural diversity orthodoxy, and Communist China’s and other adversaries machination for exploiting the Nation’s military’s cohesiveness and National Security.

Gov. Gavin Newsom’s invoked the narrative to withdraw Cal Guard troops from the Southwest Border during the Caravan crisis. Similarly, it was 10 other Blue State governors’ rationalization for refusing to send their National Guards to the Southwest Border to the detriment of the National Security and the benefit of Communist Red China.

CNG Deputy Adjutant General Maj. Gen. Matthew Beevers’ pounced upon the narrative to continue the Obama Administration’s human sexuality experiments via Yeager’s gender parity command, despite Center of Military Readiness (CMR) studies proving these experiments failed. Then came the Trump Administration’s gender dysphoria policies, threatening to bring experimentation to an end, and the aborted birth of Yeager’s gender parity command.

Yeager’s command is the product of Marxist ideology, incubated in the Gubernatorial Commander-in-Chief narrative. It’s groomed to sustain the Obama Military Legacy. Mattis implicitly endorsed this legacy of ideological colonialism when he encouraged troops to disobey President Trump, and remove him from office, if necessary, if he invoked the Insurrection Act to stop Antifa and Black Lives Matter rioting that socialist Blue State Governors refused to defuse. The Gender Parity Command, along with alleged defectors like Mattis, has boosted Democratic Presidential Candidate Joe Biden’s “confidence” that the military will remove Trump from office if today’s election is contested.

Her command appears sufficiently radicalized to arrest, detain, or imprison Californians if a Biden Administration broadens Gubernatorial Commander in Chief narrative powers. Gov. Gavin Newsom will have the military muscle to do what he wanted to do at the outset of the Covid-19 Pandemic–impose Martial Law and use the National Guard to enforce his draconian Covid-19 restrictions. A misguided Captain in Yeager’s command, who took a knee in solidarity with Black Lives Matter and Antifa is plausible evidence of such a scenario.

Neither Yeager’s merit nor sexual discrimination is at issue here. Both She and St Joan of Arc illustrate that there are no sexual boundaries on military talent, skills, and aptitude.

Obedience to the Laws of Nature, and Nature’s God epitomized in our Declaration of Independence, however, is an entirely separate arena. While Transgender Advocates may argue God “woke” Joan of Arc to her transgender identity, the truth is that the Saint was reluctant to step into a traditionally male role, preferring to be home, spinning wool beside my mother in Domrémy.  She only did so to please God, and she dressed as a male at St. Michael’s prompting to protect her virtue.

Yeager arguably exchanges virtue for status and power, and virtue signals human dignity when she says gender values are the “natural extension of [military] values.” Her command isn’t about women’s equality, equity, or being on the right side of history. It’s about canceling the American Military History of defending the inalienable rights bestowed by God, and protecting those Nation’s striving to attain the virtues found in them.

History may find Yeager’s legacy is a repeat of the Soviet Union’s failed Marxist-Leninist history. An ideology that humiliated patriarchy, and deposed matriarchs, the pillars of the family and society. By dethroning women from the most powerful throne on the face of the earth, motherhood, the Soviets restricted the flow of wisdom, from which all virtue flows. The most important virtue being obedience to God. When the Soviet Empire dethroned motherhood, it crushed the family, leaving its legacy on the ash heap of history.   

Which is where a Biden-Kamala Harris Administration will take the Nation if they win the election. A Trump/Pence victory phases out the Obama Military legacy and its gubernatorial commander-in-chief narrative, fully reunites the American Military with the values enshrined its governing documents, and arms our military with the spiritual weapons that President Dwight Eisenhower restored when he amended the Pledge of Allegiance with “Under God.”

Which is the point in history we should all want to be.

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