Saving the Transgender Soldier Saves an Army


Maj. Gen. Matthew Beevers, California National Guard assistant adjutant general, galvanized the Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ) Nation with his pledge that California National Guard (CNG) will face down President Donald Trump’s Transgender ban.

“Anybody who is willing and able to serve state [and] nation should have the opportunity to serve. It’s unconscionable in my mind that we would fundamentally discriminate against a certain class of people based on their gender identity,” Beevers says. “That should be the absolute least of our worries.”

Beevers is on common ground with those of us who don’t believe that those with gender dysphoria or experiencing same sex attraction (SSA) should be ostracized, harassed—especially with violence—belittled, ridiculed, treated indignantly, or humiliated. He can’t be faulted for advocating against witch-hunts to bully transgenders and LGBTQ service members out of the military.

But in his zeal to protect the vulnerable, is the California National Guard (CNG) speaking for soldiers struggling with gender dysphoria and  (SSA)? Or is the CNG enabling LGBT political action committees like SPART*A accumulate power? In their passion to protect the right to serve regardless of gender identity, is the CNG leadership guilty of what the Venerable Bishop Fulton Sheen calls “False Compassion”­­-  weaponized self-pity that guilts society into believing they hate the sinner if they loathe the sin? A strategy that will ultimately boomerang and hurt soldiers struggling with gender dysphoria and SSA? And the U.S. Military’s readiness?”

Birth of a Para Militia

The CNG leadership’s Gubernatorial appointments hinge upon their willingness to embrace the homosexual paramilitary network that gained a foothold inside the CNG‘s State Active Duty (SAD) program in 1998 with Holmes V. the California National Guard. CNG 1st Lt. Andrew Holmes challenged DoD’s “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” (DADT) policy –based on sexual orientation.

Holmes was an openly gay California National Guardsmen who was discharged from the CNG for allegedly promoting his lifestyle among men in his unit. Although Holmes was unsuccessful in overturning DoD’s “DADT,” the US Ninth Circuit Courts awarded LGBT activists a consolation victory ruling that the Cal Guard cannot preclude gays from serving on SAD.

The Ninth Circuit’s decision ultimately created a conflict of interest for CNG adjutant generals and their staffs to serve two commanders-in-chief: The Governor and the President of the United States (POTUS). A rationalization given neither the Constitution nor federal law includes any contextual reference that Governors are commanders-in-chief of the National Guard. The militia act of 1916 divested Governors of oversight of their state national guard’s daily operations; there is no precedent in case law; and state National Guards are federally funded and fall under DoD’s jurisdiction for policy, judicial punishment, and mission.

Congress does authorize states to have state defense forces, the manifestation of the Constitutional citizen-soldier militias, but as a state entity independent of the state National Guard at state taxpayer expense. And although California claims soldiers ordered to SAD are the equals of federal service members, a 1959 California Department of Justice opinion says soldiers on SAD orders are military service members in “name only” and state civil service employees not subject to federal laws governing the armed forces.

But Gov. Jerry Brown and his successor Gavin Newsome persist in the delusion they are commanders-in-chief of the federal National Guard with authority over their daily administration and missions. Under this specious authority the adjutant general and his appointed staff must promote the LGBT paramilitary and embrace the LGBT manifesto that eventually was embedded into the Obama Administration’s National Security Strategy (NSS) under the chapter Advance Equality

This paramilitary became part of Brown’s ‘Governor’s mandate” that elevated Maj. Gen. David S. Baldwin to adjutant general with the mission to change the CNG culture. Hence, the  Trump Administration’s purge of the advanced equality chapter from the NSS ceased to recognize LGBT as an American Value to advance around the world, triggering the CNG’s retreat from the border because it conflicts with the Golden States’ Values—in other words, California’s Sanctuary Values Act (SB54).

Gov. Jerry Brown purportedly directed Maj. Gen. Baldwin to divide his loyalties between the Pentagon and the Golden State’s paramilitary when he ordered him to co-marshal the Los Angeles Gay Day Parades in 2013 and throw  Cal Guard recruiting resources into it in defiance to DoD Community Relations Regulations precluding the military from participating in political rallies and events. If true, Brown’s order could be construed as an unlawful order.

In 2014, Brown overreached again, allegedly instructing Baldwin to jumpstart the Obama Administration’s transgender policy and begin recruiting transgenders at the San Francisco Gay Day Parade six-months prior to DoD’s direction to implement it. Now Gavin Newsom is pressuring Beevers’ to defy the Supreme Court and DoD to resist Trump to the jeopardy of the Country’s National Interests and security; setting the stage for Beevers’ dramatic showdown and theatrics in pursuit of false compassion.

Behavioral Consequences

It’s difficult to take Beevers seriously when he vows to work diligently with the Pentagon to “bring transgender individuals in under the current policy” and “explore every avenue to ensure that transgendered people who want to serve in the CNG can continue to do so. The foundation of the Trump Administration’s transgender policy rests on the pedagogical, physical, psychological, and biological sciences on homosexuality, and gender dysphoria. It’s hard to imagine Beevers and the CNG will have any substantive input with soundbites, superstition, voodoo sciences and hocus-pocus theology LGBTQ advocacy groups use to propagandize gender identity as a class, not a behavior.   

Behaviors well documented. Since the DADT was lifted in 2010, an estimated 13,999 of the 1.2 million men on active duty from 2010 through 2013 were sexually assaulted by other men—or 38 per day versus 33 women per day. [1]The Center for Disease Control (CDC) statistics reveal that cancer has “soared 4,000 percent among those who practice sodomy, fellatio, and buggery—behaviors largely associated with those practicing homosexuality.

Homosexuals, lesbians, and bisexuals are 37 times more likely to contract chlamydia, cryptosporidiosis, giardiasis, genital herpes, genital warts, isosporiasis, microsporidiosis, gonorrhea, viral hepatitis B & C, and syphilis than the general population. The LGBTQ community is 20 percent more likely to use crystal meth. LBT youth attempt suicide more than three times more frequently than their heterosexual counterparts; the suicide rate among transgender people are 30-45% higher than the general population.[2] Suicide is most disconcerting given the National Guard having the highest suicide rate among all the Service Components, complicating the CNG’s mental health issues.

Clearly, homosexuality, bisexuality, and lesbianism are behaviors and not a class that would distinguish the LGBT community from other societal classes. The LGBTQ lifestyle is dehumanizing. It objectifies the soldier, and distances the soldier experiencing SSA feelings or suffering gender dysphoria from receiving proper behavioral, mental health and spiritual services they desperately need. 

Which makes Beevers’ statement, “As long as you’re willing to fight you can serve in our minds,” embarrassing to the professional soldier. There are thousands of thugs willing to fight. Using this argument, perhaps the CNG should enlist every gang member, rapist, child molester, and thief in California’s penal system into the CNG? It’s not a question of whether the LGBT soldier is willing to fight, but whether the LGBT lifestyle is compatible to soldiering.


Begging the question: what happens to the LGBQ paramilitary when it comes time for the Sanctuary State to satisfy its pantheon gods of  wealth, pansexual idolatry, and abortion and dispose of them? The reincarnation of the Biblical gods Baal, Asherah, and  Moloch; consecrated with the California Legislature’s enactment of SB 54—The “co-called” Values Act (the Sanctuary State)? Will the Sanctuary state conduct a series of extrajudicial executions like that of the Sturmabteilung (SA)—a.k.a. Brown Shirts—in a repeat of Operation Hummingbird on the Night of the Long Knives?

Or pay for sex change reversal procedure if a paramilitary member regrets having undergone transgender-related hormone therapies and sex change surgeries and wants to detransition? Certainty a Utilitarian Power like California’s Sanctuary State won’t pay for it. It’s more likely that the soldier will be saddled with the costs, or its fictional Sanctuary State Commander-in-Chief will demand the Pentagon to pick up the tab as Walt Heyer suggests in a Daily Signal opinion editorial titled, I Was Once Transgender. Why I Think Trump Made the Right Decision for the Military.

Heyer’s website sex change regret gives us a glimse of what soldiers wrestling with gender dysphoria can expect if they undergo hormone therapy and sex change surgery, as well as, help for those struggling with it. Heyer says up to 20 percent of those who undergo sex change surgery will regret it and seek reversal surgery; nearly 63 percent will have at least one comorbid psychiatric disorder, and 41 percent take their own life. U.S. Army Veteran Sgt. Jamie Shupe,  the first American who previously identified as transgender and was the first to obtain nonbinary status in the eyes of law, gives us insight to how we can expect LGBT advocacy group’s to abandon a soldier who reverts back to birth gender.   

The CNG leadership deserted troops struggling with SSA feelings and the gender dysphoria when they integrated the LGBT Ally program into its training platform; and infused LGBT resources into the CNG’s ChalleNGe Youth programs. Since homosexuals and lesbians cannot procreate and must rely on recruting people into their lifestyle, or artificial barnyard scientific procecedures to create a superficial family to raise chidren into that lifystyle,  Youth in the CNG’s charge and in the midst of the formation of conscious are at greater risk to  pedophilia. This is the essence of the LGBT Ally program; to recruit LGBT soldiers, and perhaps into California’s paramilitary.

One might say CNG is trapping troops and youth struggling with SSA and gender dsyphoria into a culture of death when they conflate state laws for mental health practices with laws governing the Armed Forces of the United States.[3] It’s cruel when the CNG appliies the state law that politician Ted Lieu spearhead outlawing Sexual orientation change efforts (SOCE) to the CNG. Lieu championed the lie that SOCE is harmful, junk therapy, and would lead to depression, feelings of shame, self-loathing, drug abuse, high-risk sexual behavior, anger, withdrawal and suicide.

It’s the American Psychatric Association‘s (APA)[4] flawed studies Lieu used to justifiy his arguments that’s been debunked as junk science. California’s law banning mental health providers from sexual orientation change efforts has done nothing to deter suicides, and has excerbated psychotic disorders for persons challenged with homosexual feelings. The law traps them in a psychotic hell. A hell that SOCE-related programs for people grabbling with SSA, like the Cathloic Church‘s Courage, can help them escape.[5]

Casualities of a Sexual Revolution

Beevers‘ dismissive remark that the Trump Administration’s transgender policy is the“absolute least” of the CNG’s worries is disturbing and troubling. It epitomizes the hypocrisy of serving two commanders-in-chief–irrational dispise of President Trump while exercising unadulterated devotion to the LGBT Values in the Ark of Sanctury State Government. The LGBT lifestyle is intrinsically hedonistic and has no sexual boundaries. If LGBT sexual behaviors are excepted from the Uniform Code of Miitary Justice, then should the military codes on adultry, fratenization, sodomy, and other sexual conduct be exempted? Would lessening these UMCJ standards on sexual conduct behaviors affect the discipline and order of the military, and result in anarchy?

Perhaps the answer lies in what’s occuring in our culture today. The ongoing network of sexual abuse, sexual assualts, and retaliation scandals inside the CNG that the L.A. Times, Stars and Stripes, Fresno Bee, and Bay Area NBC News have reported on Maj. Gen. Baldwin’s Command for the last five years. The 40% jump in sexual assaults within the military. The rapant sexual misbehavior in California Senate, Hollywood and the U.S. Congress.

A pandemic Pope Benedict XVI emeritus’ letter links to the 1968 sexual revolution that collapsed Catholic Theology. A hashtag me too movement that French President Charles De Gaulle foresaw in 1965 when he said the Sexual Revolution would dissipate, not emancipate, women and warned that sex would invade everything.[6] A culture for which we are all partially responsible for buying into the Sexual Revolution hoop-la.

A pansexual revolution that Pope Paul VI prophesized in the Ecclesiastical Humane Vitae would manifest into the objectification of women, sexual assaults, rapes, normalization of homosexuality, abortion-on-demand, divorce, pedophilia, and a form utilitarian government that would exploit and enslave us all. A utilitarianism the prescient Robert R. Reilly, Senior fellow at the American Foreign Policy Council, said would be marched through America’s government, judicial, social, educational, entertainment, and military institutions and exported to other Nations through its foreign policy, diplomacy, and international trade in his book, Making Gay Okay: How Rationalizing Homosexual Behavior is Changing Everything.

The Phoenix of a Theocracy

The seeds of utiliarianism that grew from cult of LGBT worshipers and morphed into the LGBT Nation with its own flag, manifesto, organization, treasury, communications, and theology whose edicts they place on par with the 10 Commandments God gave Moses and His “Second Law“ Deuteronomy. A theocracy that has mushroomrd into a the coalition of the Sanctuary States: California, Colorado, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oregon,Vermont, and  New York. A theocracy that’s found its own instrument of military power as the LGBT paramilitia parasite inside the CNG, that has now attached itself to the Nevada, Washington, Oregon New Mexico, and Colorado National Guards.

A powerful LGBT Theorcracy whose strategy to convert the World’s Judeao-Christian religions to its false teachings of the LGBT began at the dawn of the Sexual Revolution with all out assault on the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Lutheran, Jewish, Muslim, Espicipalian, and Cathloic Faiths. Even managing to infilitrate homosexual networks of  Imams, Rabbis, Presbyerian, Lutheran,  Espicipalian ministers and Catholic Priests en route to their March on Rome, and Holy Catholic See.

Engulfing the Catholic Church in scandal, and using False Compassion in an attempt to shame the Holy See to include the LGBT’s Magna Charta as part of the Magistrium. But the march has been halted, stopped short of breaking the seal of the not so lost Ark of the Convenent. The Divine Wisdom all the World’s major religions acknowledge is a Lady, that the Muslims hold in higher esteeem then Fatima, and whom Catholics confess as Our Lady, Queen, and Mother of Pure Compassion, Love, knowledge and hope[7]  perdures unaltered by the false compassion of the LGBT Magna Charta teachings. And through the Blessed Virgin Mother’s intercession, Pope Francis was moved to downplay LGBT edicts, yet compassionately addressed LGBT-related issues in the Youth Snyod report titled Christus Vivit.


Christus Vivit shines the spotlight on the Prince of Darkness‘ “ideological“ and  “cultural“ colonization  of the LGBT dogma, exhorting the world’s developed countries from imposing Western views of sexuality, marriage, life or social justice as a price for poorer countries to accept economic aid. An exhoration to which the Trump Administratin came online when it removed the LGBT values from the NSS and expanded through its Global Life Policy, a.k.a the Mexco City Policy, to the“broadest extent possible.[8]

Directive-type Memorandum (DTM)-19-004 – Military Service by Transgender Persons and Persons with Gender Dysphoria, aligns with the National Defense Strategy (NDS), nested into the NSS. It doesn‘t  kick  transgenders out, as Beevers correctly says, and  provides avenues he seeks, but with true, not false compassion.  

Troops with gender dysphoria  are treated for what they are, casualties of the Sexual Revolution, not as some obscure disposable gender identity figure; and with reverence, since few, if any in the military community is without Sexual Revolution sin. Accession and retention standards for gender dysphoria and the treatment of gender dysphoria are aligned “with analogous conditions and treatments, including stability periods and surgical procedures. The policy includes disability waviers for those unable to reach stability.

The policy is a first step in expunging the LGBT dogma from the Military Culture and building Force Health Protection that transforms the Total Force into the Peace through Strength Force capable, if necessary, to face down the geopolitical threat idenfied in the NDS–Communist Red China: the World’s last standing Communist Atheist Empire.  The next step is for Beevers, and the misguided adjutant generals seditiously undermining the Trump transgender policy, to remember who they are: their governors senior military advisors for civilian emergencies and homeland security per the Constitution, not commander-in-chief commands (CINC) subordinate to Sanctuary State idelogical and cultural colonianism.

More importantly, it’s time for these adjutant generals to rally those prayer warriors in uniform, the Military Chaplain Corps,  and have them work hand-in-hand with Military Medical professionals to recover these casualties. Set free those snared in the idealogical traps of psychotic hell. And minister unimpeded by the unholy LGBT scriptures competing with Judeao-Christian scriptures to the troops entrusted to their care, and to cadets in the ChalleNGe Youth programs.

Among their ranks, they will find the multiplicity of Faiths that branch from one true God to include: Imams that will tell you God is above sin; Protestant Ministers and Clerics who tell you that God became sin so we can escape it; a Catholic Priest who will remind us that it was soldier, a Centurion, who pierced the heart of Christ on the Cross releasing God’s inexhaustible mercy of blood and water, that with the sacrifice of a “contrite heart”, can absolve one’s sins seventy times infinity; and the Rabbi who will tell them when you save a soldier’s soul, you save the  soul of an Army, and when you save the soul of an Army, you save the soul of a Nation, and when you save a Nation’s soul, you build the Peace through Strength force that can save the soul of the world.

And that my dear Maj. Gen. Beevers, is the cause for which soldiers taking the Oath to defend the Constitution of a Nation under God, that is a brother in Abraham’s family of Nations, is willing to fight.


Footnotes and Commentary

[1] Page 184, Robert R. Reilly, Making Gay Okay: How Rationalizing Homosexual Behavior is Changing Everything. O’Reilly’s source: The George Washington Papers at the Library of Congress, 1771-1799, in John C. Fitzpatrick, ed,, The writings of George awashington from the Original Manuscript Sources, 1745-1799,

[2] True, heterosexuals practicing unnatural sex acts and fornicating also experience sexually transmitted diseases and mental illness; leaving any rational person to conclude that the only true safe sex is sex practiced within the sanctity of marriage.

[3] Essay: “Contraception and Conjugal Love,” Paul M. Quay, p. 31, Why Humane Vitae was Right, edited by Janet E. Smith

[4] In his book, Making Gay Okay: How Rationalizing Homosexual Behavior is Changing Everything, 2-14, Ignatius Press, San Francisco, Robert R.O’Reilly, Senior fellow at the American Foreign Policy Council, discusses how Act Up and other homosexual organizations tainted the American Psychiatric Association’s credibility. Through harassment and intimidation, ACT UP successfully pressured the APA to alter studies to justify and promote homosexual behavior, (pgs. 118-129); rationalize homosexuality has an immutable genetic trait, (pgs. 139-41); and condone same-sex parenting as a healthy family practice, (pgs 145-46).

[5] Commentary: Democratic Presidential Candidate “Mayor” Pete Buttigieg would have us believe that God has deprived him of his free will to choose to be gay, and that somehow its Vice-President Mike Pence’s fault God denied Mayor Pete free will to choose not to be gay. It’s a decision “made far, far above my pay grade,” said the Mayor, a clever sophism he uses as a pretext that his homosexuality is a natural manifestation of our Creators’ design and that we have no choice in the matter. The truth is homosexuality is a choice. We are all susceptible to temptations of the sins of the flesh including homosexuality as with fornication, sodomy, adultery and other sins precipitated by the original sin—the most egregious sins for which Jesus suffered His sacred flesh to satisfy

[6] Page 711, Jackson, Julian, De Gualle.

[7] Sirach 24:24

[8] Pg.3, Secretary of State Pompeo Vows End to Foreign Aid for Abortion, National Catholic Register, April 28, 2019

One comment

  1. My comments to MG Beevers. JJ

    General, I have always given you credit for being soldier smart and having a credible sense of military priorities. I have been a ardent supportive of you and MG Baldwin in weeding out the poor performers and strap hangers that brought no redeemable value to the CA Guard. However, I have a big disconnect with a senior officer of your status that is in conflict with the basic reason for an army. We train soldiers to fight and require them to take an oath to defend the constitution and our country against all enemies, both foreign and domestic. We need no training distractors or additional medical and psychological challenges.

    Our CA Guardsmen are valued members of the United States Army. They are not a political arm of the socialist who run the state of CA, or the defunct democrats in Congress that now consist of the very enemy that attacked us on 9/11/01 and killed over 3000 men, women and children. We now allow Muslims who worship a God of hate that has in their religious bias to kill all who do not agree and convert to their way of thinking. I don’t believe this is what our forefathers envisioned in the right to freedoms of religion.

    It should not take too much effort to find out the facts concerning the folks you want to defend and support to fill our ranks alongside distinguished, and dedicated soldiers. Pardon me if I don’t accept the belief by you and some of your ilk that a person desiring to change their biological makeup is natural and an intelligent person worthy of being a soldier. All studies have shown these people are in need of psychological help. The comments below contain some verifiable facts. The finding that over 40% are more likely to commit suicide is alarming within itself.

    The Army has always had homosexuals, bisexuals, and lesbians, but under the “don’t tell don’t ask” they maintained their private lives separate from their professional lives. This did not create the level of hatred being generated by the new policies that allow them to flaunt their sexual desires and result in higher degrees of assaults of male on male than females for the first time in my lengthy tenure in the military.

    The military does mirror the basic society, but has always been held a rung above the average. Everyone is not entitled to belong to the military. Some are disqualified for many minor reasons. I for one was denied AGR status at age 50 because I had a “3” rating in hearing, even though deployable. Yep, pissed me off, but that is life in the big city.

    As a General Officer I believe you owes loyalty to the basic rule of discipline and order in our ranks, and must obey the orders of the President of the U.S. Any deviation from that should require your federal recognition be withdrawn and you find another political job within the socialist government of CA.

    You may not appreciate my opinion or others who have served in senior enlisted positions, but I will pass my comments to a select number of former and retired CSM’s, who have no allegiance to you but would like to be able respect your leadership of our awesome 21st Century Guardsman. Perhaps they will agree with you, or perhaps they feel you should re-think your position, along with that of TAG. Feel free to address any of my concerns.

    John Jackson CSM, USA (Ret) >


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